MOI Animation is one of the leading animation studios specializing in the high-quality production of traditional 2D animations. It is based in Seoul, Korea, and has a long history of a quarter-century since its establishment in 1998. Seohoon Son, CEO also executive producer, has worked in the field for over thirty years and experienced every aspect of the transition from celluloid films to digital files. He still believes in the power of pen stroke and values analogic touch, even while working with digital equipment. For those years, they have collaborated with global majors like Netflix, WarnerBros, Cartoon Network, Nickelodeon, Sony Pictures, and so on. They have taken charge of producing an enormous number of big hit titles like "Castlevania," "Avatar," "Justice League," "Spiderman," "Batman," and more. They won Emmy Awards twice. All these tell their creativity, experiences, and skills. 


2D animation developing & production Character developing and Marketing, work for hire animation production.

Company Info 

Name: MOi Animation Co., Ltd. 

Established date: April 10, 1998 

Address : RM 1301,12th Daeryung Technotown 14, Gasan digital 2-ro, Geumcheon-gu, Seoul, Korea 08592

Contact : Seohoon Son / CEO

 E-mail : seohoon.son@moianimation.com


Based on our know-how and infrastructure we achieved, 

MOI produces best quality animations to be successful in Korea as well as world wide

* Distribute profit & Take social responsibility 

* Not stay where we are, but be proactive 

* Challenge and try beyond the limits

E-mail : seohoon.son@moianimation.com

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